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Episode 1- The Hounds

[Draft 7/2013] I was determined that it was O.K. that the government was making a big deal out of nothing. Like the tornado sirens that were never followed by a tornado, flood warnings, and ‘terrorist attacks’ that never manifested. I had a test the next week. It was finals week. I went to the corner…

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There it goes Hiding behind logic and what it knows An idea that’s not fully formed The thought changes and grows Quietly lurking in a corner of my brain Not ready to scream out its name

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Lost Meaning

Then I scream DON’T OVER THINK IT! It’s just a dream An empty thought that found its place Refusing to let go of me Ideas dying to be told, but I’m surrounded by deaf ears So I scream After all, no one will hear The deafening silence within (Poet’s often die unheard)

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Don’t try to save her She is singing in her head Trapping the thoughts you said Turning them to something beautiful instead Don’t try to pull her away from the heaven that you call hell For you don’t know in which hole your beauty fell

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