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It wasn’t about the things we knew But about the things we’re yet to discover The earth reveals a view Like no other And I stand amazed by every particle Wishing to unveil everything a bit better Advertisements

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Episode 1- The Hounds

[Draft 7/2013] I was determined that it was O.K. that the government was making a big deal out of nothing. Like the tornado sirens that were never followed by a tornado, flood warnings, and ‘terrorist attacks’ that never manifested. I had a test the next week. It was finals week. I went to the corner…

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My Guardian Angel

I will find you a way out (He promised) I will find another way This cruel life is not what was promised This cruel life is not where I plan to stay Soul trapped in a body Forgetting it’s purpose and its “why” Spirit overtaken by a television screen Forgetting how to fly

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Simple Things

The vines gave way As if they were welcoming me And the trees danced with glee The vibrations of the ground synchronized with my own And I knew then I was finally home . . . Image credit HERE

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