The Lost Things

Starving for inspiration

I dive into my imagination

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My madness

Without a passport I travel

To lands of my own

To a world that does not require

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My Sands

You might have thought me poor

Digging for hours in the dirt

Trying to find pieces of my childhood

Yeah…they might have thought me poor

Carrying pieces of sand, acting like there are jewels in my hands…

…See they used to be my own

Earth and dirt to which i belonged

I find me poor these days

With toys already made

Play-doh i did not create

A screen play I did not write

This…none of this… is my own

It’s their thoughts that i came to believe

You might see me looking for a diamond ring, for a white car, to cover up how poor I feel

about what we are


The creature crawled out of her book

And the painting stepped out of the frame

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Lost Opportunity

I rejected it before I asked why it can not be Continue reading “Lost Opportunity”

Eyes Wide Open

Crawling out of the dark cave where I tend to hide

I hear noises

I see light

I force myself to open my eyes

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The Lost Shoe

Am I so strange that I tend to see

Things that can not be

An inspiring lost shoe

Turned into poetry

Who did it belong to

And how can its pair

Be made functional with this one laying here

Inspiration [Audio Poem]

Slowly comes

Then all at once

Words run through my brain

As I lay in bed to rest my head

The whole world screams

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The Voices

There is music in my head

Ringing old words I have never read

Voices that say…

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