Tag: philosophy

Your Awakening

You scream out and they forget why You awake and start to cry -Oh this earth, I longed to view Oh this earth, has room for but a few And I was chosen And after the choice I was frozen For hearing my new voice So let me scream a moment or two For soon…

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Where My Roots Disappear

Here lies a dream In papers drowned by ink Things,  even if you steel, you can never take away from me Land I forget,  before I remember Places where I used to belong Earth that smelled much like I There I lay And awake I see There can be another me Immigrant in this earth…

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Hello My Old Self

I did not know Where she went Or where to go To find that girl that glared through my mirror Hello my old self Where did you hide Did this world rip you out from my insides?  Did the glass prove too sharp And life too dim For me to ever see you again wearing…

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