About This Page

I have traveled far, escaped a war, and made a new life The words in my head need to be said… or at least written down somewhere I find comfort in colored pens and blank papers If you’re reading this, I thank you for your curiosity Lets’ inspire each other  

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Imagine| Short Poem

  I know this is a Black and White battle And Brown is not in between Maybe it is a color that your lens has not seen But imagine for a moment or two That it was you Imagine being born to such a bad circumstance That being caught in a boarder provides a better…

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He said he hated himself Then he realized The self he hates And the self doing the hating Are separate entities So he killed what he hated Whilst living … Inspired by Eckhart Tolle

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Moments| Short Poem

How can the end just begin When I was just promised a tomorrow That day that never comes I spend my nights begging to borrow Another minute or two With people much like you People who care About little moments like these

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Memory of The War

The rumbling of the house Soon after the explosion I turn the radio up And push it closer to her head She needs it more than I do But as the radio dies I can hear their cries And I wonder What did a 13 year old do To deserve this?

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