About This Page

I have traveled far, escaped a war, and made a new life The words in my head need to be said… or at least written down somewhere I find comfort in colored pens and blank papers If you’re reading this, I thank you for your curiosity Lets’ inspire each other  

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Gypsy | Short Poem

Could you be lost In a world where GPS is a click away? Could you wander, with no destination as where to stay? A tent full of wonderful things Light enough to carry Enough to be all you need to worry about Can I be lost with you? I’m in need To wander at your…

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Differences| Short Poem

The difference between you and me Boils down to geography I was born somewhere far beyond your sea And so you see me differently … The difference between a citizen and a refugee Is just Another disaster of this world I see Miles define who we are and who we can be … If you…

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Wandering soul Where do you wish to go Who of all Told you that you can do so? Freedom is for fools And so you chose to be free Cut these ties away from me

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New Paths

They say there are no boundaries At the bounds of imagination But all they can see Is that path that was already taken

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