About This Page

I have traveled far, escaped a war, and made a new life The words in my head need to be said… or at least written down somewhere I find comfort in colored pens and blank papers If you’re reading this, I thank you for your curiosity Lets’ inspire each other  

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Truth Told

A memory that’s not yet old Her, laying on my dorm room bed Fever filling her head Gun shots sounding closer and closer Baghdad, what have we done? I kiss her forehead, cover her with my blankets Sister, what have we done? I told her I have to step outside But she couldn’t hear me…

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The Untold

Her name was difficult From a land he’s never seen And her face was delicate Unlike anything on T.V. screens But her story was not a movie It’s one that have never been told And she keeps quiet Hoping the story will get old And no other will be created With such cruelty and pain…

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A change in desire Shifted the view And now I no longer fear you Future You are never to be realized Lost between present and past For tomorrow will always turn to present

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