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Ghost, Soul & Other

Chapter 1 The Journey The ghost floated away from the body, and the soul she decided to go the other way. As their person had his fill of oxygen and experiences on this realm. Ghost wandered seeing this old town a new. “I’ve never seen this mountain or those trees before.” Thought Ghost to himself.…

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He left little pieces behind God A seed that grew from inside And the tree (You and me) Forgot The wider view

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I lost my home again They wrote to me, asking where I’ve been But I had no clue Address as strange as my name Putting numbers together, everything sounds the same Home, I’ll come back again But you change places Home, tell me where your place is

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Reality strikes And your dreams turnout better than you’ve imagined The things you feared turn grey And the things you loved are planted Suddenly you see All you need is to dream and to let it be    

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Differences| Short Poem

The difference between you and me Boils down to geography I was born somewhere far beyond your sea And so you see me differently … The difference between a citizen and a refugee Is just Another disaster of this world I see Miles define who we are and who we can be … If you…

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Our dreams were so big They thought us fools Our path was so new For their old tools Yet we pave a foot after another And we create new dreams for others To follow For they think their dreams are too big to come true

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