Lost Opportunity

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Trees [Audio Poem]

The dead trees cried to me once
It is cold here
Help me—too big to have a shelter, too attached to my roots to move
The cold winters took away my loyal leaves
Left me with naked branches, lonely
Cover me…help me
But I didn’t hear them; I was too cold to pay attention

(By me, written March 2010)

The Voices

There is music in my head

Ringing old words I have never read

Voices that say…

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Inner Voice

Among the nothingness I stand

Not a woman, not a man

Unidentifiable, as their definitions stand

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I think it was lost

But no one really knew

So no one ever searched

For what can’t be proved

Numbers and charts that say nothing at all

Misleading us to think that the truth isn’t far

It was written somewhere, but where… I forget

The bible must’ve had it, but it failed to translate


She is not lost

She just hasn’t found her destination

Locked in a cage

But freed by her imagination


A scent that takes me back

Images that fade to black

Things I almost remember

Candles burning red

Ideas in my head

That make me wonder

Was it a dream I had

Or a book I read

Or childhood memories of December

I miss it all so much

My grandmother’s touch

Then I forget everything and I feel… better

A Dream I Didn’t Have

He tried to explain to me

That my soul has forgotten how it used to be

Before it was imprisoned by this jailer, this body

As the bright light shined down on me

I was blinded and no longer can see

That this… what I love so much is just a prison keeping me from my destiny