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Sorry| Short Poem

They poisoned the dogs in my street They said I can no longer give them food to eat But I’d always eat half my plate Save it for midnight When it’s much too late Then I go running with the wild dogs They poisoned the dogs in my street And I still refuse to eat,…

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Letter to Baghdad| Short Poem

She swallowed the smoke and the bombs away She exploded turning to shards that day Baghdad I’m sorry for the burden you had to carry Souls exploding and imploding that you bury They don’t know the beauty that you used to be The singing and dancing in your streets The way the ground felt so…

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After the sun has set And the birds have vanished, to places I can not see I lay awake Much too aware of my essence That thing I try to avoid That humanity that gives me much pain, and sometimes pleasure I see it A fire that does not burn, nor is red I see…

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Don’t try to save her She is singing in her head Trapping the thoughts you said Turning them to something beautiful instead Don’t try to pull her away from the heaven that you call hell For you don’t know in which hole your beauty fell

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My Sands

You might have thought me poor Digging for hours in the dirt Trying to find pieces of my childhood Yeah…they might have thought me poor Carrying pieces of sand, acting like there are jewels in my hands… …See they used to be my own Earth and dirt to which i belonged I find me poor…

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