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Colored glasses

He knew what was wrong but could not be corrected He looked at the mirror and hated what it reflected Images no longer compelling A stranger in the same old setting He wanted to die just to start again Then he slept and woke up a different man Glasses with no prescription Changed his perception…

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Thanks | Short Poem

Hot showers and candles used purely for the scent Beds raised from the ground that don’t smell like cigarettes Dish washers oh how beautiful it is To hide your mess especially those dishes! Traffic lights and construction zones Things you might hate unless you’ve lived without I forget to be thankful each and every day…

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Easy Fix

It’s not an easy fix Not to be me It’s not a simple change From what you can see For I have only been “me” and I don’t know what else to be So if my smile offends you or My body disgust you Then there’s nothing I can say For I am ME And…

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I get lost in lines they make An illegal U-turn leading to a mistake Between red and green lights While driving too slow at night I get lost with a GPS that orders me around Two streets away from your house I walk in, trying not to make a sound Late again Much too late…

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Simple Things

The vines gave way As if they were welcoming me And the trees danced with glee The vibrations of the ground synchronized with my own And I knew then I was finally home . . . Image credit HERE

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