I close my eyes

And fool my senses

And take barbed wires

For picket fences

Redolent of the ostrich

That did not want to see

Her world as it appeared to be

Imagination growing


I’m ALMOST free


A vague memory

A picturesque scene

As the world was ending

I dared to dream

Of the life I have now

Of what seemed so out of reach

The image solidified

As I laid on this beach


If you know my story, you know that I was born in Iraq and escaped the war around 2008. I feel so blessed by the small things and the big things in my life right now. Grateful for it all.

Here’s some AI art of my creation inspired by this poem. Going from war to calm.


The wind howled

The ship swayed

The sonorous sirens’ cries

Made night of day

As the darkness veiled the light

Her true power shone bright

No evil shall come

The ship was female run

The siren spell broke

By the words she spoke

“I’m the captain of this sea. I do not fear you, but you must fear me.”

(Images inspired by this poem)