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My Spirit

I called to the spirit within That thing that drives me And forces me to begin Another journey Another day Another hour And here she stays Not very far In fact, she’s so close that I couldn’t see That she was me . . Image Credit HERE

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Slow| A Short Poem

A bare foot on a snow day I want to feel this life I was given Rain washing me away I don’t run I stand still as I see it coming I see them run Rushing to avoid life Hurrying to graves too expensive to buy Burn me! When did digging in dirt become a…

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Colored glasses

He knew what was wrong but could not be corrected He looked at the mirror and hated what it reflected Images no longer compelling A stranger in the same old setting He wanted to die just to start again Then he slept and woke up a different man Glasses with no prescription Changed his perception…

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Thanks | Short Poem

Hot showers and candles used purely for the scent Beds raised from the ground that don’t smell like cigarettes Dish washers oh how beautiful it is To hide your mess especially those dishes! Traffic lights and construction zones Things you might hate unless you’ve lived without I forget to be thankful each and every day…

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