You found a pothole

A place to start the crack

And the dream was born

Between the dark and dark

The whole was broken

And now you manifest

A dream unspoken

A place you can rest

Your head

For just


My friend you survive

This way

And the best is yet to come

There’s no end to your dreams

There’s none



I wondered

How embarrassing must it be

To be naked


Like this tree

She has no shame

Not one bit

And she claims

That she had lived

A thousand and one

Days under the sun



And Free

I wondered how great it would be

To be naked like that tree

Colored glasses

He knew what was wrong but could not be corrected

He looked at the mirror and hated what it reflected

Images no longer compelling

A stranger in the same old setting

He wanted to die just to start again

Then he slept and woke up a different man

Glasses with no prescription

Changed his perception

His eyes fooled him you see

They kept him from being free

All he needed were colored glasses made by his daughter

Saying happy new year to the best father


In a crack between two bricks

I left a message as I was taken away

And Freed from the rooftop 

I was allowed to visit the beach in May

Rain disturbed the strangers

But I was so happy to be free

And as time passed

I forgot the rooftop

And those strangers were much like me



(Note: I grew up in Iraq,  where we spent most days on the rooftops. Now I face the ocean on a rainy vacation. )