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I think I lost you Much too often The thing I was meant to find I think I found Much too fast You were never meant to be left behind My guardian angel . . Image credit HERE

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Kitten Heros

Kitten Stuck between the second and third floor She screamed Until we could take it no more So we changed our plans And luck would have it The store we were to visit Had been destroyed in seconds By a bomber we didn’t see And that’s how a stray kitten Saved me In 2007 .…

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9/11 Untold

Two Towers were destroyed 2,996 were killed 6000 were injured And many wars were started … Terrorist were reportedly Afghani So why War on Iraq? Why Millions had to die For a crime not committed? For life not lived? … Story goes Colors and religions Put us in the same box … Would you be…

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I’m alive she said But why? He wondered I’m alive she said But how? They wondered But she never wondered She knew She will make it through . . Image Credit HERE  

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Rooftops| Short Poem

Flat rooftops Candles in my hands Listening to counting crows Baghdad you don’t look like Baltimore Baghdad I don’t know you anymore But I’m still here On rooftops Counting buildings As they disappear . . Image Credit HERE

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He left little pieces behind God A seed that grew from inside And the tree (You and me) Forgot The wider view

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