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Episode 1- The Hounds

[Draft 7/2013] I was determined that it was O.K. that the government was making a big deal out of nothing. Like the tornado sirens that were never followed by a tornado, flood warnings, and ‘terrorist attacks’ that never manifested. I had a test the next week. It was finals week. I went to the corner…

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I get lost in lines they make An illegal U-turn leading to a mistake Between red and green lights While driving too slow at night I get lost with a GPS that orders me around Two streets away from your house I walk in, trying not to make a sound Late again Much too late…

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In a crack between two bricks I left a message as I was taken away And Freed from the rooftop  I was allowed to visit the beach in May Rain disturbed the strangers But I was so happy to be free And as time passed I forgot the rooftop And those strangers were much like…

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The editing changed the meaning Like Photoshop changed the girl But this time no beauty was added No Not at all And you lost the original It’s on a napkin on a floor In a bar that you hardly remember From the night before 

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The Pond part-2 [Audio Poem]

An unexpected visitor The bird that sat on her window, it looked familiar as if it belonged to a different place She can see that the city was not his place Maybe he followed her train to where the trees don’t grow Where the cars’ noises block the voices in her head She can no…

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