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He said he hated himself Then he realized The self he hates And the self doing the hating Are separate entities So he killed what he hated Whilst living … Inspired by Eckhart Tolle

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Memory of The War

The rumbling of the house Soon after the explosion I turn the radio up And push it closer to her head She needs it more than I do But as the radio dies I can hear their cries And I wonder What did a 13 year old do To deserve this?

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Our dreams were so big They thought us fools Our path was so new For their old tools Yet we pave a foot after another And we create new dreams for others To follow For they think their dreams are too big to come true

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They said he was a victim Of strangers and a system Of things no one could control But he chose to be an inspiration Used his challenge as motivation And proved it to them all Now he guides the people Teaching them of what they’re able Expanding boxes and making them few This hero is…

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