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They said he was a victim Of strangers and a system Of things no one could control But he chose to be an inspiration Used his challenge as motivation And proved it to them all Now he guides the people Teaching them of what they’re able Expanding boxes and making them few This hero is…

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Letter to Baghdad| Short Poem

She swallowed the smoke and the bombs away She exploded turning to shards that day Baghdad I’m sorry for the burden you had to carry Souls exploding and emploding that you bury They don’t know the beauty that you used to be The singing and dancing in your streets The way the ground felt so…

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Your Awakening

You scream out and they forget why You awake and start to cry -Oh this earth, I longed to view Oh this earth, has room for but a few And I was chosen And after the choice I was frozen For hearing my new voice So let me scream a moment or two For soon…

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Thanks | Short Poem

Hot showers and candles used purely for the scent Beds raised from the ground that don’t smell like cigarettes Dish washers oh how beautiful it is To hide your mess especially those dishes! Traffic lights and construction zones Things you might hate unless you’ve lived without I forget to be thankful each and every day…

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Hunt Party | Short Poem

There was a shift in consciousness A change in view The monster was a man Holding a gun at you You were the duck that landed Trusting when you should’ve flew Now you are back to your body Not knowing what to do Maybe I am the monster and the victim Or just consciousness floating…

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Easy Fix

It’s not an easy fix Not to be me It’s not a simple change From what you can see For I have only been “me” and I don’t know what else to be So if my smile offends you or My body disgust you Then there’s nothing I can say For I am ME And…

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