We are pieces
The big bang had left
Same atoms
Finding new ways of expression
And they called it reincarnation
Then the meaning was lost


I’ve learned to become a thief

Stealing time

Rearranging their reality

To better fit mine

Shattering glass that claimed to be a mirror

Redefining truths

For all to see clearer

That I was taking back what was mine

That no one is allowed to steal my time

Any longer


Time is slipping away

And I hoped you would stay

But I’ll be slipping too

I wished you well

I wished you good

I’ve done all I know I could

But time

Is my enemy and time is my friend

I wished I could see it till the end

But time is slipping away

And I will be slipping too

Self Love

Don’t forget to nurture your soul

You lost your pieces
Those that made you, you
And now you wander
Forgetting what you loved
To do