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The Tree and Me

Not much difference between you and I Branches bare Extended to the sky Feeling the leaves falling Insanity calling And our heads remain high We’re not different, you and I Our roots extended beyond our view And we are judged by where we were planted Not by what we do We bare fruits that offend…

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After the sun has set And the birds have vanished, to places I can not see I lay awake Much too aware of my essence That thing I try to avoid That humanity that gives me much pain, and sometimes pleasure I see it A fire that does not burn, nor is red I see…

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He said he’ll hold my hand But here I am, falling on my own Oceans deep or sands I don’t think he’ll notice what’s wrong

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The Poet’s Dream

Ideas that take foreign shapes lead to restless sleep He lays his head ignoring the ghosts of the undead … She posts a post on Facebook that no one understands “Why’s she so weird? Who would like this post?” They whisper behind bright screens, reblogging ideas simple and plain He dreams of knowing her name…

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Don’t try to save her She is singing in her head Trapping the thoughts you said Turning them to something beautiful instead Don’t try to pull her away from the heaven that you call hell For you don’t know in which hole your beauty fell

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They led me behind a broken barn They showed me all the things they have done Creatures that looked like smoke

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