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I think I lost you Much too often The thing I was meant to find I think I found Much too fast You were never meant to be left behind My guardian angel . . Image credit HERE Advertisements

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9/11 Untold

Two Towers were destroyed 2,996 were killed 6000 were injured And many wars were started … Terrorist were reportedly Afghani So why War on Iraq? Why Millions had to die For a crime not committed? For life not lived? … Story goes Colors and religions Put us in the same box … Would you be…

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He left little pieces behind God A seed that grew from inside And the tree (You and me) Forgot The wider view

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2003 in History

They were barefooted Running after the tanks Men dressed the color of desert Staring at the foreigner’s hands Children waving Glorious day When they believed what the soldiers had to say Freedom I long to know Freedom they told me so . . Image Credit HERE

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Imagine| Short Poem

  I know this is a Black and White battle And Brown is not in between Maybe it is a color that your lens has not seen But imagine for a moment or two That it was you Imagine being born to such a bad circumstance That being caught in a boarder provides a better…

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