Oh where did my pieces go

Those that held me together

Time rubbed them apart

And so did the weather

Where did my body go

Curious I long to know

How a man melts like snow

How this beauty withers

Yet his soul

Manages to stay whole

No matter the struggle


Would your finger wish your hand harm?

Would your finger wish your arm harm?

Would you?

Well-being is a choice

One that helps the body rejoice

For its master

Would you, a small part of this universe

Wish harm

On your larger self

Your whole?

No not at all

Well being comes from well wishing

Wish well

Good Bye

The things that could never fit within a bag, are the things I desperately wanted to pack



She cries about the things

She’s yet to obtain

But she forgets the things

Her life contains

Possessions left untouched



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He said he hated himself

Then he realized

The self he hates

And the self doing the hating

Are separate entities

So he killed what he hated

Whilst living

Inspired by Eckhart Tolle

Tomorrow | Short Poem

Tomorrow comes

Disguised as Today

And so

I never know when to start

What I promised Tomorrow

Make Magic| Short Poem


Nails full of dirt

Trying to find a magic spell

That was lost

Losing my sanity

Despising gravity

Then I remember

I wrote the spell once before

I can rewrite it once more!



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Stand| Short Poem

They told me to start over

But I’ve only begun

They said to change my course

That I am not the one

Yet I stand

High above the ground

I stand and I will not back down



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