The Untold

Her name was difficult

From a land he’s never seen

And her face was delicate

Unlike anything on T.V. screens

But her story was not a movie

It’s one that have never been told

And she keeps quiet

Hoping the story will get old

And no other will be created

With such cruelty and pain

Still he wonders how to pronounce her name

The Lost Things

Starving for inspiration

I dive into my imagination

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Through Her Glasses

They made sure that her new glasses blocked the rays she used to see

That the magic that distracted her as a child, can no longer be

And so she saw the red, yellow, and green lights

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A Memory



Making a day out of that night

13 year old

I did not mind

Invade or liberate

That must be a freedom sound

Adults crying

Dad asking me to get inside

But I wanted to see it

I no longer wanted to hide