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Somebody cared once About a broken building, before it was rebuilt Someone shared interest in a house And so it felt… more like home And so it goes on Love exploding into Love Rebuilding what Hate destroys In an epic battle that I hope we don’t lose . . Image Credit HERE Advertisements

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Stand| Short Poem

They told me to start over But I’ve only begun They said to change my course That I am not the one Yet I stand High above the ground I stand and I will not back down . . Image credit HERE

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They said he was a victim Of strangers and a system Of things no one could control But he chose to be an inspiration Used his challenge as motivation And proved it to them all Now he guides the people Teaching them of what they’re able Expanding boxes and making them few This hero is…

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Slow| A Short Poem

A bare foot on a snow day I want to feel this life I was given Rain washing me away I don’t run I stand still as I see it coming I see them run Rushing to avoid life Hurrying to graves too expensive to buy Burn me! When did digging in dirt become a…

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Truth Told

A memory that’s not yet old Her, laying on my dorm room bed Fever filling her head Gun shots sounding closer and closer Baghdad, what have we done? I kiss her forehead, cover her with my blankets Sister, what have we done? I told her I have to step outside But she couldn’t hear me…

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The Untold

Her name was difficult From a land he’s never seen And her face was delicate Unlike anything on T.V. screens But her story was not a movie It’s one that have never been told And she keeps quiet Hoping the story will get old And no other will be created With such cruelty and pain…

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