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Ghost, Soul & Other

Chapter 1 The Journey The ghost floated away from the body, and the soul she decided to go the other way. As their person had his fill of oxygen and experiences on this realm. Ghost wandered seeing this old town a new. “I’ve never seen this mountain or those trees before.” Thought Ghost to himself.…

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Arms stretching out Feeling the boarders of my imagination Running my fingers on an unseen destination How could I see things I can not imagine? How could I become what I do not dare to be? This box Was not Made For ME . . Image credit HERE

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She never asked for the change Coins in my hands Collecting In a jar made of glass Clear to see I was expecting To be the richest out of change But I didn’t see the change that was coming As the first bomb fell They ran for shelter I was running To the jar of…

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I crave a world With no boarders Free We were born to roam Now Houses boarded Trying to feel at home

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Morning Breeze

Smell of a morning breeze Is all I need Somedays To sweep me back To my old place Home Or so I called it Is where fairies and elves Gathered To keep me safe To ward off evil To get me to this morning breeze To days like these I think of thanking them Those…

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Shadows to a light I can’t find The soldier standing I stood behind A metal door Bullet holes in the wall Of my grandma’s house Simpler time When I wished I knew How to say hello Without getting shot . . Image Credit HERE

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I had wandered far And after all I found you The thing that was never missing The thing I refused to see The missing piece was just me . . Image Credit HERE

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