The Speech

I am the universe disguised as a human

I am the seed turning into a tree

I am the stars that you can not fathom

I am the idea you refused to believe

I am potential waiting to happen

And all things that proceed

I am your mother and your children

I am everything you see



My Title

The child that stood on tip toes

Trying to see the men outside

Through bullet holes- I watched

Much too excited for change

“It will be beautiful, like America… like you see on TV.” One solider promised me

That was back in 2003

When ISIS was a nightmare yet to form

When angels wore uniforms

When enemies were clear to see

When I did not know the difference between you and me

But now my skin gives me a label I did not earn

Not the ‘Doctor’


‘Rich’ nor ‘Poor’

I wear a title that I can not for the life of me shed

But that is a thing I dare not regret