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Mornings in Baghdad

I remember when I was maybe eleven I had to wake up as early as seven, rush to the neighborhood baker He made our street smell like heaven The fresh bread gives me warmth on my morning walk And a lady sitting in the street selling something to eat Breakfast routine that I love to…

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Your Secret

You don’t remember falling But you must’ve fallen… reasons why you were born crying You forget what you’ve forgotten You think they’ll think you’re insane When you deny your new name So you shut out what you remember A haze of a spirit entering a body Energizing this entity Your secret is safe Even you…

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The Speech

I am the universe disguised as a human I am the seed turning into a tree I am the stars that you can not fathom I am the idea you refused to believe I am potential waiting to happen And all things that proceed I am your mother and your children I am everything you…

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The Stranger I Know

Naked Like me You were born for them all to see Naked Screaming- probably Thinking why Why must I cry Air too painful Consumes your lungs … See! We were the same once Now, we are strangers on the street  

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My Title

The child that stood on tip toes Trying to see the men outside Through bullet holes- I watched Much too excited for change “It will be beautiful, like America… like you see on TV.” One solider promised me That was back in 2003 When ISIS was a nightmare yet to form When angels wore uniforms…

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