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Truth Told

A memory that’s not yet old Her, laying on my dorm room bed Fever filling her head Gun shots sounding closer and closer Baghdad, what have we done? I kiss her forehead, cover her with my blankets Sister, what have we done? I told her I have to step outside But she couldn’t hear me…

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The Test

I wondered who he was As I passed his broken car As I witnessed his blood freed from his body And the army sounding from afar  Was he a bomber, choosing to die? Was he a fool that did not check his car?  Then I ran,  Late for my midterm exam … And till this…

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He said he’ll hold my hand But here I am, falling on my own Oceans deep or sands I don’t think he’ll notice what’s wrong

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Don’t try to save her She is singing in her head Trapping the thoughts you said Turning them to something beautiful instead Don’t try to pull her away from the heaven that you call hell For you don’t know in which hole your beauty fell

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The History Game

You seem so sure That there’s nothing you can do That the stars’ position Tell you visions that are true You seem so sure of how unsure our future is Of how we’ll fight in a war that no one wins And although we know We still try Oh history why  Why do you keep…

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