Time is slipping away

And I hoped you would stay

But I’ll be slipping too

I wished you well

I wished you good

I’ve done all I know I could

But time

Is my enemy and time is my friend

I wished I could see it till the end

But time is slipping away

And I will be slipping too



They wonder why

She sits there

Speaking language she didn’t choose

Getting much too close

To forgetting her mother tongue

Wings sealed in a box

Her brown locs

Painted blonde

They wonder why she changed

She only did it

To survive


I’ve been an atomic bomb

Masquerading as an atom

Left with no charge


I felt like I needed to tame

The explosiveness within

The oh where can I begin

To tell another story

I am an atomic bomb

Stuffed in a fragile case

This body

This place

Now realize




Than I thought

I was