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2003 in History

They were barefooted Running after the tanks Men dressed the color of desert Staring at the foreigner’s hands Children waving Glorious day When they believed what the soldiers had to say Freedom I long to know Freedom they told me so . . Image Credit HERE Advertisements

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Did you                                                                           ? Find your way through the jungle’s mist The fog rupturing the soul you called your own…

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I lost my home again They wrote to me, asking where I’ve been But I had no clue Address as strange as my name Putting numbers together, everything sounds the same Home, I’ll come back again But you change places Home, tell me where your place is

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When you were old You remember being told To keep on believing– at some point in your life Memory so vague that you can’t seem to shake But you forget What to believe in My friend, I’m here to remind you to Believe in yourself!

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