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Reality strikes And your dreams turnout better than you’ve imagined The things you feared turn grey And the things you loved are planted Suddenly you see All you need is to dream and to let it be     Advertisements

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Your Awakening

You scream out and they forget why You awake and start to cry -Oh this earth, I longed to view Oh this earth, has room for but a few And I was chosen And after the choice I was frozen For hearing my new voice So let me scream a moment or two For soon…

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I get lost in lines they make An illegal U-turn leading to a mistake Between red and green lights While driving too slow at night I get lost with a GPS that orders me around Two streets away from your house I walk in, trying not to make a sound Late again Much too late…

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I lost it, somewhere Between parking lots Traffic lights And TV screens That magic I used to see, unaided . . image credit HERE

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The Poet’s Dream

Ideas that take foreign shapes lead to restless sleep He lays his head ignoring the ghosts of the undead … She posts a post on Facebook that no one understands “Why’s she so weird? Who would like this post?” They whisper behind bright screens, reblogging ideas simple and plain He dreams of knowing her name…

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The Lost Shoe

Am I so strange that I tend to see Things that can not be An inspiring lost shoe Turned into poetry Who did it belong to And how can its pair Be made functional with this one laying here

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