A vague memory

A picturesque scene

As the world was ending

I dared to dream

Of the life I have now

Of what seemed so out of reach

The image solidified

As I laid on this beach


If you know my story, you know that I was born in Iraq and escaped the war around 2008. I feel so blessed by the small things and the big things in my life right now. Grateful for it all.

Here’s some AI art of my creation inspired by this poem. Going from war to calm.


There’s a corner so small

That fit me perfectly

In my childhood home

Where I loved to be

There’s a smell

Of what?

I can no longer tell

But it comforted me

There are places that I know

I’ll never again see


That I wished have gone differently

There are pieces scattered

Along the Mediterranean sea

Pieces of me

Still stuck in a small corner

Of a childhood home

Where life played out


Childhood Mornings

I remember when I was maybe eleven.I had to wake up as early as seven, rush to the neighborhood baker. He made our street smelled like heaven. The fresh bread gives me warmth on my morning walk. And a lady sitting in the street, selling something to eat. Breakfast routine that I love to remember. Memories of early December.