This time

I proved my own self wrong

I made my wish with a desire so strong

That even the gods couldn’t refuse it

I stood at the gates of hell

Banging on the flames they held

Wishing to have fled

Before their warnings

And I made it out alive

For you and I

To once more

Be embraced by heaven

I proved myself wrong

When I thought I could not be strong

Enough to withstand this hell I’m in

Tell me why do you keep on giving in?


I wondered

How embarrassing must it be

To be naked


Like this tree

She has no shame

Not one bit

And she claims

That she had lived

A thousand and one

Days under the sun



And Free

I wondered how great it would be

To be naked like that tree

Poetry Reading, Part 2

Stranger Paths, The Magic in The Madness

Part II

Of Positively & Philosophy


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The Ant

The ant circled my empty plate, hopeful

He moved with purpose

But I

Sitting high

Can see the desert he is yet to discover

I wondered how I looked to God

Or a being much bigger than myself

Then I washed the ant away




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My Spirit

I called to the spirit within

That thing that drives me

And forces me to begin

Another journey

Another day

Another hour

And here she stays

Not very far

In fact, she’s so close that I couldn’t see

That she was me



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Slow| A Short Poem

A bare foot on a snow day

I want to feel this life I was given

Rain washing me away

I don’t run

I stand still as I see it coming

I see them run

Rushing to avoid life

Hurrying to graves too expensive to buy

Burn me!

When did digging in dirt become a luxury?

Or carry me into the ocean

Set me free!

I will remember rain drops on my face

Cold snow days

Earth I touched — Earth that touched me

Please friends

Slow your journey

And don’t be in a rush to hurry



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The Tree and Me

Not much difference between you and I

Branches bare

Extended to the sky

Feeling the leaves falling

Insanity calling

And our heads remain high

We’re not different, you and I

Our roots extended beyond our view

And we are judged by where we were planted

Not by what we do

We bare fruits that offend the palate of few

But oh they don’t know the healing that we can brew



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The Lesson I Did not Learn

Welcome back, they said

As I was born

Eyes refusing to open

Mouth protesting existence

-Another life time to live?

Another lesson to learn?

I have lived too many lives to count

Yet I am still being reborn

For a lesson I refused to learn