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Reality strikes And your dreams turnout better than you’ve imagined The things you feared turn grey And the things you loved are planted Suddenly you see All you need is to dream and to let it be     Advertisements

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The Ant

The ant circled my empty plate, hopeful He moved with purpose But I Sitting high Can see the desert he is yet to discover … I wondered how I looked to God Or a being much bigger than myself Then I washed the ant away . . . Image credit HERE

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My Spirit

I called to the spirit within That thing that drives me And forces me to begin Another journey Another day Another hour And here she stays Not very far In fact, she’s so close that I couldn’t see That she was me . . Image Credit HERE

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Slow| A Short Poem

A bare foot on a snow day I want to feel this life I was given Rain washing me away I don’t run I stand still as I see it coming I see them run Rushing to avoid life Hurrying to graves too expensive to buy Burn me! When did digging in dirt become a…

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Little Child

I’ve searched for her Time and time again She chooses to hide Underneath my skin … Eyes opened so wide Searching for what’s inside Where have you gone Little child? . . Image credit HERE  

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The Tree and Me

Not much difference between you and I Branches bare Extended to the sky Feeling the leaves falling Insanity calling And our heads remain high We’re not different, you and I Our roots extended beyond our view And we are judged by where we were planted Not by what we do We bare fruits that offend…

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