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9/11 Untold

Two Towers were destroyed 2,996 were killed 6000 were injured And many wars were started … Terrorist were reportedly Afghani So why War on Iraq? Why Millions had to die For a crime not committed? For life not lived? … Story goes Colors and religions Put us in the same box … Would you be…

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Shadows to a light I can’t find The soldier standing I stood behind A metal door Bullet holes in the wall Of my grandma’s house Simpler time When I wished I knew How to say hello Without getting shot . . Image Credit HERE

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Rooftops| Short Poem

Flat rooftops Candles in my hands Listening to counting crows Baghdad you don’t look like Baltimore Baghdad I don’t know you anymore But I’m still here On rooftops Counting buildings As they disappear . . Image Credit HERE

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On top of the world We stood Or so we thought On the dorm’s rooftops We slept Explosions lit the sky No thunder to fear Just man’s lightening growing near In time to get a shuteye [That’s my Baghdad in 2007]

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Letter to Baghdad| Short Poem

She swallowed the smoke and the bombs away She exploded turning to shards that day Baghdad I’m sorry for the burden you had to carry Souls exploding and imploding that you bury They don’t know the beauty that you used to be The singing and dancing in your streets The way the ground felt so…

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The Test

I wondered who he was As I passed his broken car As I witnessed his blood freed from his body And the army sounding from afar  Was he a bomber, choosing to die? Was he a fool that did not check his car?  Then I ran,  Late for my midterm exam … And till this…

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