Self Love

Don’t forget to nurture your soul

You lost your pieces
Those that made you, you
And now you wander
Forgetting what you loved
To do

Lost and Found |Short Poem


You forgot how to fly

You believed it was a childish lie

And you buried your wings apart from your heart

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I see you in the light and I wonder what you are

A creature that must have been created in a land much too far

I whisper as I pass you but my words are too foreign to hear

Or did you hear me but just wished for me to disappear?

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Adam- Or So They Said

He asked for forgiveness

For crimes he’s yet to commit

For the falling angels, and the apple they ate

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A Note She Wrote

Take them…those treasures I hide

Leave me with thoughts hidden deep inside

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The creature crawled out of her book

And the painting stepped out of the frame

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