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The Girl and The Dragon

The dragon lives The knight might’ve decided to take a nap And the girl sits awaiting her champ … The dragon and she were alone together And now they know, they’ll be here forever … One wishing to die One wishing to be saved By a prince that might soon take them out of their…

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Easy Fix

It’s not an easy fix Not to be me It’s not a simple change From what you can see For I have only been “me” and I don’t know what else to be So if my smile offends you or My body disgust you Then there’s nothing I can say For I am ME And…

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Where My Roots Disappear

Here lies a dream In papers drowned by ink Things,  even if you steel, you can never take away from me Land I forget,  before I remember Places where I used to belong Earth that smelled much like I There I lay And awake I see There can be another me Immigrant in this earth…

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She is not lost She just hasn’t found her destination Locked in a cage But freed by her imagination

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She wears a mask Unashamed Not because she’s ugly Not because she’s afraid Behind the mask she can safely hide She knows they don’t care to know the colors inside Truths can’t be untold Here she lays with a different mask to hold

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A Dream I Didn’t Have

He tried to explain to me That my soul has forgotten how it used to be Before it was imprisoned by this jailer, this body As the bright light shined down on me I was blinded and no longer can see That this… what I love so much is just a prison keeping me from…

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