Walking Desert

I never thought it a desert

Nor did I ever judge the sands

I thought it a home

That I could hold in the palm of my hands

Sticking to my curly hair

And the shoes I wear

I became a walking desert

Completely unaware

Of the sands of my people

Clinging to my form

I wore as proudly as a soldier

Wearing his uniform



Make Magic| Short Poem


Nails full of dirt

Trying to find a magic spell

That was lost

Losing my sanity

Despising gravity

Then I remember

I wrote the spell once before

I can rewrite it once more!



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Lost and Found |Short Poem


You forgot how to fly

You believed it was a childish lie

And you buried your wings apart from your heart

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The Child Within| Short Poem

The child within smiles at the toys I see

The child within is happy to be me

Fascinated by the street lights and the sounds of the sirens that she’s only heard on TV

She wished this for me

The child within got me as far as  she could

And now she smiles

Watches my life unfold as it should