We were forged out of the same stone

Ages ago

Then we were separated

The big bang scattered us like ash

As they speculated

But the magnetic field was too strong

And it couldn’t have dissipated

Life time after another

We mange to find each other

Putting pieces that were lost

Back together

And the image becomes clear

The memory of that stone

Inches near

Until we become one

Whole again

I have missed you

My dear friend



You are the puppy I’ve always wanted

You are a song with a perfect rhyme

You are made out of my imagination

You are something that I call mine

But you disappeare too soon

As I wake


Did you                                                                           ?

Find your way through the jungle’s mist

The fog rupturing the soul you called your own

And did you see the light so dim

But continued to march on?

Tell me of the secrets they refused to tell

The story of Adam

And how he really fell

Let me get lost, unleash your magical spell

Let me find my own way out of this mystery

This life



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Our dreams were so big

They thought us fools

Our path was so new

For their old tools

Yet we pave a foot after another

And we create new dreams for others

To follow

For they think their dreams are too big to come true