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The Red Traffic Light

Look at this world of mine There are lights, and street signs Detours and construction work Things I never thought I’d see … Strange how life turned out to be From the thirty minute walk in January cold Just to get to a class and do as I’m told … To the wild dogs chasing…

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The Test

I wondered who he was As I passed his broken car As I witnessed his blood freed from his body And the army sounding from afar  Was he a bomber, choosing to die? Was he a fool that did not check his car?  Then I ran,  Late for my midterm exam … And till this…

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A Memory

​Fireworks Bright Making a day out of that night 13 year old I did not mind Invade or liberate That must be a freedom sound Adults crying Dad asking me to get inside But I wanted to see it I no longer wanted to hide

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She Was

She was a child Happy with no cares Explosions sounded close But she had no fears She was a child No stress yet learned And so she saw fireworks As her world burned. She was… Me

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