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Kitten Heros

Kitten Stuck between the second and third floor She screamed Until we could take it no more So we changed our plans And luck would have it The store we were to visit Had been destroyed in seconds By a bomber we didn’t see And that’s how a stray kitten Saved me In 2007 .…

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Rooftops| Short Poem

Flat rooftops Candles in my hands Listening to counting crows Baghdad you don’t look like Baltimore Baghdad I don’t know you anymore But I’m still here On rooftops Counting buildings As they disappear . . Image Credit HERE

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On top of the world We stood Or so we thought On the dorm’s rooftops We slept Explosions lit the sky No thunder to fear Just man’s lightening growing near In time to get a shuteye [That’s my Baghdad in 2007]

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Letter to Baghdad| Short Poem

She swallowed the smoke and the bombs away She exploded turning to shards that day Baghdad I’m sorry for the burden you had to carry Souls exploding and imploding that you bury They don’t know the beauty that you used to be The singing and dancing in your streets The way the ground felt so…

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Truth Told

A memory that’s not yet old Her, laying on my dorm room bed Fever filling her head Gun shots sounding closer and closer Baghdad, what have we done? I kiss her forehead, cover her with my blankets Sister, what have we done? I told her I have to step outside But she couldn’t hear me…

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Mornings in Baghdad

I remember when I was maybe eleven I had to wake up as early as seven, rush to the neighborhood baker He made our street smell like heaven The fresh bread gives me warmth on my morning walk And a lady sitting in the street selling something to eat Breakfast routine that I love to…

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