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Where My Roots Disappear

Here lies a dream In papers drowned by ink Things,  even if you steel, you can never take away from me Land I forget,  before I remember Places where I used to belong Earth that smelled much like I There I lay And awake I see There can be another me Immigrant in this earth…

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Where is Home?

Wars forced us to leave many houses behind So home was a suit case, then a hotel, then peace of mind I wander to meet trees that don’t know my name I try to start a conversation, but people think I’m insane My roots were dislocated and sometimes I feel suffocated Then I remember, Home…

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The Wide Eyed Girl

The Wide Eyed Girl   The wide eyes blinked It was over The war has engulfed the pond, the garden, and the moon It wasn’t her choice She smiled Too young to worry, too old to cry The wide eyes stared at a green leaf, among the ruins The birds might come back She poured…

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Take me out of this box you made for me! “You don’t look like a terrorist” she says to me. As I take a sip of my drink, I smile, for she thought she complimented me. I get lost in the ignorance… or maybe it’s innocence that puts me in such a box. Should I…

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A Thanks to Earth Poem

A thanks to Earth, Immigrant I thought I had left my home Here to a new place where I did not belong But as I saw the moon I did not feel so alone   Comforted by what I knew, I stared into space The clouds looked familiar And between the cracks of grey sky…

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