The reflection made it clear the mirror perfectly resembled me could it be this simple, this easy to define me? Advertisements



As if time stood still they were too scared to move, to lose the moment but the clock did not hesitate they lost it, the moment, with little effort No chance of going back

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Take me out of this box you made for me! “You don’t look like a terrorist” she says to me. As I take a sip of my drink, I smile, for she thought she complimented me. I get lost in the ignorance… or maybe it’s innocence that puts me in such a box. Should I…

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The dead trees cried to me once It is cold here Help me—too big to have a shelter, too attached to my roots to move The cold winters took away my loyal leaves Left me with naked branches, lonely Cover me…help me But I didn’t hear them; I was too cold to pay attention (By…

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The Pond, Part 1

A hesitant kiss on the cheek, close to her mouth, He doesn’t know what to do, can’t stop the train. Soon she’ll be gone. The frogs in the pond, he yelled, they are begging you to stay… it’s not just me! These trees! They cried all night while you laid between the sheets. And you…

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A Thanks to Earth Poem

A thanks to Earth, Immigrant I thought I had left my home Here to a new place where I did not belong But as I saw the moon I did not feel so alone   Comforted by what I knew, I stared into space The clouds looked familiar And between the cracks of grey sky…

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