Morning Breeze

Smell of a morning breeze Is all I need Somedays To sweep me back To my old place Home Or so I called it Is where fairies and elves Gathered To keep me safe To ward off evil To get me to this morning breeze To days like these I think of thanking them Those…

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Never Forget

And I wish I can But my skin, my color, shows God’s plans I can never forget the wars you caused The “Oh lookout, might be a terrorist” thoughts Two buildings And MILLIONS of casualties of war One plane that begun it all . . Image Credit HERE    

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9/11 Untold

Two Towers were destroyed 2,996 were killed 6000 were injured And many wars were started … Terrorist were reportedly Afghani So why War on Iraq? Why Millions had to die For a crime not committed? For life not lived? … Story goes Colors and religions Put us in the same box … Would you be…

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I’m alive she said But why? He wondered I’m alive she said But how? They wondered But she never wondered She knew She will make it through . . Image Credit HERE  

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Shadows to a light I can’t find The soldier standing I stood behind A metal door Bullet holes in the wall Of my grandma’s house Simpler time When I wished I knew How to say hello Without getting shot . . Image Credit HERE

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I had wandered far And after all I found you The thing that was never missing The thing I refused to see The missing piece was just me . . Image Credit HERE

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