Colors| Short Poem

I am not black nor white Somewhere in between And the grey is no color for a human being Yet I feel you, him, her… I feel what you can and can not become And I wonder if humans saw in black and white lenses Would it matter much to anyone The golden color I…

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Somebody cared once About a broken building, before it was rebuilt Someone shared interest in a house And so it felt… more like home And so it goes on Love exploding into Love Rebuilding what Hate destroys In an epic battle that I hope we don’t lose . . Image Credit HERE

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Stand| Short Poem

They told me to start over But I’ve only begun They said to change my course That I am not the one Yet I stand High above the ground I stand and I will not back down . . Image credit HERE

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They said he was a victim Of strangers and a system Of things no one could control But he chose to be an inspiration Used his challenge as motivation And proved it to them all Now he guides the people Teaching them of what they’re able Expanding boxes and making them few This hero is…

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My Spirit

I called to the spirit within That thing that drives me And forces me to begin Another journey Another day Another hour And here she stays Not very far In fact, she’s so close that I couldn’t see That she was me . . Image Credit HERE

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