Hunt Party | Short Poem

There was a shift in consciousness

A change in view

The monster was a man

Holding a gun at you

You were the duck that landed

Trusting when you should’ve flew

Now you are back to your body

Not knowing what to do

Maybe I am the monster and the victim

Or just consciousness floating between bodies

Trying to find an answer

Of why

Must we to kill to eat and live to die?

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Poet, making sense of war, humanity, love and greed. Trying to find the magic in ordinary things. I am Zee

One thought on “Hunt Party | Short Poem”

  1. Your question: “why Must we to kill to eat and live to die?
    That is the question upon awakening. The next is, can I live without killing, either to eat, or for any other reason? When one discovers that it is indeed quite easy to live without killing, perspective changes. The next question is, are predators necessary to the balance of life? When one discovers that they are not, imagine what can come next…

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