Since the MPJE must know list was well received I thought I should share what I’ve learned from taking the NAPLEX last month while it’s still fresh in my mind!

**Note: Every exam is different so yours may not be the same. Can’t discuss specific questions**

Key Points:

  • Infectious disease
    • Mine didn’t require dosing aside from vanc dose adjustment.
      • Know vanc and AMG targets and how to adjust
    • Know pneumonia treatment
    • Know meningitis treatment
    • Otitis media treatment
    • Know HIV, CD4 counts, viral loads, PrEP and PEP, opportunistic infections treatment and when prophylaxis is needed!!!
      • So many HIV questions!
      • KNOW BRAND AND GENERIC for combos and their side effects
  • Oncology
    • Mainly side effects
    • Nausea and vomiting treatments/prophylaxis
  • Math
    • Math wasn’t complicated but there was a lot of it
    • RxPrep is more than enough
  • Biostats
    • RxPrep was more than enough
    • Questions weren’t as long as they were on RxPrep
  • Depression and mood
    • Know main medications
    • Not heavily tested on my exam
  • Osteoprosis
    • Know how to test for it and how to interpret the test
    • Know main medications
  • Compouding
    • Was heavily tested
    • Rxprep wasn’t really enough but I passed
    • Sterile and non-sterile and hazardous were tested
    • Training and frequency of training
    • What ISO environment, garbing, beyond use date…
  • Anticoag
    • Know everything about Warfarin, Heparin and LMWH!
  • Others
    • The exam touched on every chapter at least one question but these above stood out to me
    • Know medications with low therapeutic indexes
    • Some incompatibilities with IV meds, storage, insulins and how long can they be in room temp
    • Lots of drug drug interactions. Rxprep was enough to study

Exam after thoughts

  • Hardly any dosing
  • CrCl was either given or you were told what weight to use
  • Pain conversions were given
  • Not many brand names (except HIV combos)
  • Questions were mainly a patient chart on one side and the question on another side
  • Questions were shorter than the Rxprep questions
  • Math and biostats were simpler than rxprep
  • I had about 40 minutes left on the clock, so plenty of time to take it
  • Generally most people say they got more of NAPLEX than PreNAPLEX
  • Keep calm and take your breaks!

What I studied:

  • I Only studied the RxPrep materials
  • I watched the big chapters’ videos (Infectious disease, heart failure, hypertension, math, biostats and compounding)
  • I did most of the test bank questions but ran out of time to do some smaller chapters
  • Spent my last day reviewing HIV, math and biostats


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