The Pond, Part 2

An unexpected visitor The bird that sat on her window, it looked familiar as if it belonged to a different place She can see that the city was not his place Maybe he followed her train to where the trees don’t grow Where the cars’ noises block the voices in her head She can no…

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Occasionally, I see astonishment in her eyes After hours in front of the mirror There’s grief in her face and a wilting in her soul As if she’s met herself for the very first time She saddens Loses the words She loves that one in the mirror—not herself I want to go into that world,…

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Slowly comes Then all at once Words run through my brain As I lay in bed to rest my head The whole world screams And I can’t define the feeling, the noise they make So I rush to find a paper, but my pencils break And slowly then all at once the voices disappear Leaving…

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The King and the Clown

This time, the King bowed to the crowd And told them stories of fictional heroes Of battles fought with the gods The glorious fictions were beautiful The horses were flying! No—the men were flying horses! The exploits of ancient warrior-centaurs gripped the crowd Then tiny fairies winged their infinitesimal paths Fixing what the horsemen destroyed…

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The opened window The hasty wind The strange creatures clinging to the trees It was him Floating from city to city His chair remains empty Waiting to be filled  

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The reflection made it clear the mirror perfectly resembled me could it be this simple, this easy to define me?



As if time stood still they were too scared to move, to lose the moment but the clock did not hesitate they lost it, the moment, with little effort No chance of going back

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