I think it was lost But no one really knew So no one ever searched For what can’t be proved Numbers and charts that say nothing at all Misleading us to think that the truth isn’t far It was written somewhere, but where… I forget The bible must’ve had it, but it failed to translate Advertisements

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She Was

She was a child Happy with no cares Explosions sounded close But she had no fears She was a child No stress yet learned And so she saw fireworks As her world burned She was… Me

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She is not lost She just hasn’t found her destination Locked in a cage But freed by her imagination

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A scent that takes me back Images that fade to black Things I almost remember Candles burning red Ideas in my head That make me wonder Was it a dream I had Or a book I read Or childhood memories of December I miss it all so much My grandmother’s touch Then I forget everything…

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She wears a mask Unashamed Not because she’s ugly Not because she’s afraid Behind the mask she can safely hide She knows they don’t care to know the colors inside Truths can’t be untold Here she lays with a different mask to hold

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No More Apples

Surrounded by thousands Still feels alone This city just does not feel like home This body is not my own Soul wanting to burst out of a body This is not where it belongs Adam ate the apple While I suffer his mistakes  

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