A Dream I Didn’t Have

He tried to explain to me That my soul has forgotten how it used to be Before it was imprisoned by this jailer, this body As the bright light shined down on me I was blinded and no longer can see That this… what I love so much is just a prison keeping me from…

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I often forget that I have a choice I let the radio choose what I listen to And let the TV feed my brain I am wasting my freewill, angels must think I am insane. #Human

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Modern Problems

There sits a child talking to a tree About the long day and how things turned out to be …And as I talked to her-the tree She humbly smiled and replied to me: -“This green was of concrete, paved so harshly to stop my growth.  Little I was, hungry for the sun at birth.” She…

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Thanking You

I’m shocked to find such treasures On a bright screen In a dark room I satisfy my pleasures Blogs full of thought, I found what I sought, and I try to thank you for what you wrote With a short comment, a short note. Thank you.

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Where is Home?

Wars forced us to leave many houses behind So home was a suit case, then a hotel, then peace of mind I wander to meet trees that don’t know my name I try to start a conversation, but people think I’m insane My roots were dislocated and sometimes I feel suffocated Then I remember, Home…

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The Wide Eyed Girl

The Wide Eyed Girl   The wide eyes blinked It was over The war has engulfed the pond, the garden, and the moon It wasn’t her choice She smiled Too young to worry, too old to cry The wide eyes stared at a green leaf, among the ruins The birds might come back She poured…

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Poetry Blogs

In a treasure chest only my eyes can see I hide things that make me, me. There you’ll find treasures of my own poems too personal, drawings so imperfect, and sand from back home. But here (in the blog world) I find chests open wide. So I throw the key and join the fight. #NewBlogger    

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