A Memory

​Fireworks Bright Making a day out of that night 13 year old I did not mind Invade or liberate That must be a freedom sound Adults crying Dad asking me to get inside But I wanted to see it I no longer wanted to hide

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She worries they won’t like her if she was to change He worries she won’t like him, if he stays the same

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The History Game

You seem so sure That there’s nothing you can do That the stars’ position Tell you visions that are true You seem so sure of how unsure our future is Of how we’ll fight in a war that no one wins And although we know We still try Oh history why  Why do you keep…

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Strange Things

Let us fall Although children we may no longer be In this skin torn, old, and wrinkly We begin Again and again Like the seeds falling from a tree Birthed from death Oh what a strange thing to see My drifting soul becoming me

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Little Boat

I birthed it, The story that I wrote Out of a dream I had Of me laying on a little boat Soon I woke with vague memory Thoughts I could not define What was I doing on a boat on that dream of mine

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