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In a treasure chest only my eyes can see I hide things that make me, me. There you’ll find treasures of my own poems too personal, drawings so imperfect, and sand from back home. But here (in the blog world) I find chests open wide. So I throw the key and join the fight. #NewBlogger    …

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I see monsters in the park, impatiently cursing the sun missing the dark. I see paws digging beneath a stone. Tail wagging so happy to find his old bone. While his owner impatiently waits to make the drive back home.  

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The ripples in my glass of water were my proof, There are little creatures that I can not see… There are small things, smaller than me! But here I stand on my kitchen floor so much bigger yet feeling so small.          

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In a dream I came to know Of what is above And what is below Of creatures dark and ones that glow And I heard the earth crying out to the sun: “burn them all, rid me of this plague.” Then I woke.

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The Savior

“He will save us, don’t you worry, loving and strong, the hero will return.” The priest found a way to calm the crowd So they stood still as their town burned to the ground “Will he rebuild my tree house father?” The boy wondered “He will make you a new one, a better one, in…

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Born screaming, he did not choose this. Died screaming, he does not want it to end.

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I have found the missing key,  but where’s the door? I have found a key,  I don’t know what for.

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