The Red Traffic Light

Look at this world of mine There are lights, and street signs Detours and construction work Things I never thought I’d see … Strange how life turned out to be From the thirty minute walk in January cold Just to get to a class and do as I’m told … To the wild dogs chasing…

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The Test

I wondered who he was As I passed his broken car As I witnessed his blood freed from his body And the army sounding from afar  Was he a bomber, choosing to die? Was he a fool that did not check his car?  Then I ran,  Late for my midterm exam … And till this…

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How did the sculptor know There’s a woman hidden in the stone  There’s a life,  yet to be born ?

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Where My Roots Disappear

Here lies a dream In papers drowned by ink Things,  even if you steel, you can never take away from me Land I forget,  before I remember Places where I used to belong Earth that smelled much like I There I lay And awake I see There can be another me Immigrant in this earth…

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Hello My Old Self

I did not know Where she went Or where to go To find that girl that glared through my mirror Hello my old self Where did you hide Did this world rip you out from my insides?  Did the glass prove too sharp And life too dim For me to ever see you again wearing…

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