Ghost, Soul and Other| Short Story

Part 1

The Journey

The ghost floated away from the body. The soul, she decided to go the other way. As their person had his fill of oxygen and experiences on this realm. Ghost wandered seeing this old town a new. “I’ve never seen this mountain or those trees before.” Thought Ghost to himself. Colors were brighter and smells were stronger. Time seemed like an ocean with many rivers attached. Ghost’s person was a child… no a man… no no he was a fetus with a plan. Ghost saw the life he’d been through and many others plain and clear, he thought it was his overactive imagination… could this be a memory of what could’ve been?

Soul she was not so attached to this realm, actually…she wasn’t attached to any realm. She swept between screen after screen of what life could have been. She was heading upwards with purpose and she was not to be stopped. Soul was so light, much lighter than her other… her what you can call “brother” … what you can call Ghost.



3 thoughts on “Ghost, Soul and Other| Short Story

  1. Part one is a little confusing and I figured it out. Let’s edit it using active voice. Third sentence is a fragment. Remove “As.” Per Stephen King, never use a word that ends in “ly.” How about an unbounded baby, instead of the harshness of “fetus.”
    WRITE On!


    1. This came to me all in one block pure unedited form. I do definitely need the eyes of an editor to make my stories understandable as I tend to get overly excited… and English as second language has something to do with it. I appreciate your input!


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